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Entry Test
Use the proper form.
1.  Both my (brother-in-law) work in a bank which is situated on the (outskirt/outskirts) of town.
2. Look! Two (aircraft) are flying in the dark sky.
3.  My (grandmother) favourite TV series (be) Santa Barbara.
4.  When (be) the latest news on TV? - (It,  They) (be) at 9 a.m.
5. Two kilometres (be) a long way to go on foot.
6. The police (be) after the escaped prisoners.
7. Oh dear. Measles (be) quite a serious illness.
8. My (sister-in-law) family is not very large.
9.  Cambridge University was exclusively for (man) until 1871 when the first (woman) college was opened.
10. My uncle was operated yesterday. He is still in ... hospital. Im going to ... hospital to see him.
11.  ... life will be very different in ... future.
12.  ... villages-in this part of ... country near ... Thames are very beautiful.
13.  ... Nightingales belonged to ... highest social class of ... England.
14. What do you call ... people of ... China? - ... Chinese.
15.  ... man must do everything possible to save ... environment and ... life on ... planet of Earth.
16.  ... English language was brought onto ... British Isles in ... middle of ... fifth century by ... Angles, Saxons and Jutes who came there from ... North of ... Germany.
17. Near ... British Museum you can see the tall building of ... University of London.
18.  ... Statue of Liberty was ... gift of friendship from ... France to ... United States.
Tenses in the Active and Passive Voice. The Sequence of Tenses:
19.  I never (read) a story that (interest) me so much as the one I (read) last night.
20.  When we (go) to see them last night, they (play) chess, they (say) they (play) since six oclock.
21. You (go) with us to the Zoo tomorrow if you (be) a good boy.
22. No sooner we (finish) the translation of the text than the bell (ring).
23. Why you (not, make, do) an effort to improve your life? I wish you (make) an effort to change everything.
24.  If I (be) you, I (think) twice before accepting his invitation.
25. 1 wish you (discuss) this (serious, seriously) tomorrow. It isnt funny.
26. All the doors and windows (lock) before we went on holiday, but the house (break into) when we (return) home.
27. Our house (surround) by a beautiful garden. The garden (plant) by my grandfather many years ago.
28.  The Cambridge Folk Festival very well (organize), and there are never (any,   some) of the serious problems which can (cause) by large crowds.
29. The oldest college in Cambridge University is Peterhou-se, which (found) in 1284, and the most recent is Robinson College which (open) in 1977.
30.  Id like to know who Australia (discover) by? - Ask the teacher about it, ...?
31.  Dan said that he (call) you (tomorrow). - If he (call) me in the evening, I (be) very busy. I wish he (call) me in the morning.
32.  We thought that the parcel (deliver) in time, but the postman (not, come) yet.
33. The furniture (rearrange) today, and the flat (look) very cozy now.
Modal verbs:
34. Lets discuss this over lunch, ...? - OK. We (can, had to, may) discuss this (later, lately).
35.  Cambridge (can, must, may) be one of the best-known towns in the world and (may, can, must) (find) on most tourists lists of places to visit. You (should, have to, might) go there yourself to see this town. I (mustnt, cant, neednt) do it, I (be) there several times.
36.  Everyone (can,  should,  might) pay taxes to the government.
Pronouns and Prepositions:
37. (Some, any, few) beautiful roses (give) (on, to, for). Jane (to, by, at, for) Patrick (by, at, on) (her, hers) birthday.
38. The house was small and there (be) not (many, much, little, a little) rooms in it.
39. (What, how) is Rob like? - He is generous and kind.
40. The secretary just (sign) (this, these, that) letters (of, on, by) behalf (on, for, at, of) the manager.
Adjectives and Adverbs:
41. (Old) she gets, (forgetful) she becomes. (A, the, -) elderly and (at, an, the, -) old (be) often forgetful.
42.1 think the American version of War and Peace was (lit-tle) interesting than (our, ours).
43. For (far) information, please write to the above address.
44. Now there (be) about 12,000 students in Oxford, and the University and the town live (happy,  happily) side by side.
45.  Mr. Smith is much (old) than his wife but they are (happy) couple I ever (meet).
Choose the right variant:
46. Are you going (on, to, in) holiday this year?
a) Im afraid not.   b) Yes, please,     c) You are welcome. 47.1 didnt go to the party last night.
a) So did I.        b) Neither I did.        c) Neither did I.
48. Lets go to the beach today, ...?
a) Why not? It s a lovely day. b) Yes, we would. c) Dont worry.
49. Sorry to keep you waiting.
a) Dont say so.       b) Dont mention it.     c) Thats OK.
50. Could you pass me the salt, please?
a) Yes, I could.        b) Yes, I will.      c) Here you are.
51. Read the text and do the exercises given below.
Living a Long Life
It is often said that Japanese people, on average, live much longer than Europeans. To a large extend this must be due to the food most Japanese people eat since from the point of view of the life-style, life in modern Japan is no less stressful than ours in the west. The Japanese live on a diet largely made up of fish and rice. At lunch-time a typical Japanese family will consume at least twice as many vegetables as we do in Europe. In comparison with Europeans, the Japanese eat far less meat and fewer potatoes; at the same time, they eat seven times more fresh fish than we do which make their diet much healthier by far. It would be fair to say that, in general, the Japanese consume far less sugar than Europeans, though the modern Japanese — frequent visitors to Europe on business or for pleasure — are discovering the pleasures and dangers of western-style eating habits.
a) Mark the statements which are True.
1.  The Japanese live as long as people in western countries. □
2.  From the point of view of life-style, life in modern Japan is less stressful than in Europe. □
3.  The Japanese eat much more vegetables than Europeans. □
4.  When in Europe on business, the Japanese try to eat only their national food. □
5.  They consume more sugar than we do. □
b)  Write down your answers to the following questions.
1.  On what diet do the Japanese prefer to live?
2.  Do people in Japan eat more or less meat than Europeans?
3.  What makes the Japanese diet much healthier than ours?
4.  Japanese people eat twice as many vegetables as we do, dont they?
5.  What do the Japanese discover when they come to Europe?
6.  Why do the Japanese live longer than Europeans?




Level 1-A
1. Have you ever visited other countries? - Yes, I... to Italy and France.
a) was                             c) had been
b) have been                    d) would be
2.  I feel really tired. We ... to the party last night and have just returned home.
a) went                            c) had seen
b) has gone                      d) was going
3. At the beginning of the film I realized that I ... it before.
a) see                              c) had seen
b) saw                             d) have seen
4.  When the bus stopped in the small square, Helen ... her magazine and didnt realized at first that she had arrived at her destination.
a) read                            c) was reading
b) reads                           d) had read
5.  My sisters son ... in tomorrows race, because he is too young. They do not allow riders under sixteen.
a) wont ride                   c) wouldnt ride
b) shant ride                  d) doesnt ride
6. A beautiful bridge ... in our city. It will be finished next year.
a) builds                          c) is being built
b) is built                        d) has been built
7.  It has been raining for two hours. I hope it ... raining soon.
a) stops                           c) would stop
b) shall stop                    d) stop
8.  Television has many advantages. It keeps us informed about the latest news, and also ... entertainment at home.
a) provide                        c) is provided
b) provides                      d) provided
9. On the other hand television ... for the violent behaviour of some young people, and for encouraging children to sit indoors, instead of doing sports.
a) blames                         c) is blamed
b) blamed                        d) would blame
10. Some millionaires have lots of money and ... what to do with it.
a) dont know                  c) wont know
b) didnt                          d) knows
11. How ... at college? You didnt say much about it in your last letter.
a) do you get on               c) will you get on
b) are you get on             d) are you getting on
12. When you ... in this city again? - In a month.
a) arrive                          c) have you arrived
b) arrived                        d) will you arrive
13. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that I ... walk to work.
a) has to                          c) had to
b) have to                        d) could
14. Every time when I missed the bus, I ... to return home late.
a) must                           c) can
b) had                              d) may
15. That was great! It was ... meal you have ever cooked.
a) good                            c) best
b) better                          d) the best
16.  This exhibition is ... interesting than the previous one.
a)  little                           c) least
b) less                              d) the least
17. We saw ... good film last night. The film was about the love of a girl to her cat and dog.
a) a                                 c) -
b)the                              d) an
18. Everybody agrees that ... happiness is very important in the life of people.
a) -                                 с) а
b) the                              d) many
19.  In the past people lived in ... harmony with the environment.
a) a                                 c) the
b) an                               d) -
20. When they arrived ... the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.
a)to                                c)in
b) at                                d) for
Test 2
1. When you ... older, youll change your mind about this.
a) will grow                     c) have grown
b) grow                            d) grew
2. By the time the police get there, the burglars ... .
a) vanish                         c) will have vanished
b) will vanish                  d) vanished
3. As soon as the taxi arrives, I ... you know.
a) let                               c) had let
b) have let                       d) will let
4. My friend has been writing to me for years already, but he never ... a photo.
a) sends                           c) will send
b) has sent                       d) sent
5. Why are you busy packing? - My train ... in two hours, so well leave the house in an hour.
a) is leaving                    c) leaves
b) will be leaving             d) left
6. When was this building finished? - They say it ... by the end of last year.
a) had been finished         c) will be finished
b) was finished                d) finishes
7.  I thought that I ... my key and was very glad when I found it.
a) lose                             c) had lost
b) lost                              d) was losing
8. Whats the matter? You look upset. Last week I lost my scarf and now I just ... my gloves.
a) lost                              c) had lost
b) have lost                      d) lose
9.1 ... for this bank for five years already but I have decided to change my job.
a) am working                 c) have been working
b) has worked                  d) worked
10. Martin said that he ... the tickets the next day.
a) bought                           c) will buy
b) had bought                    d) would buy
11.  The house opposite our college .,., thats why we are using the back entrance at present.
a) pulls down                     c) is being pulled down
b) is pulled down               d) pulled down
12. You ... an umbrella when you left the house, didnt you?
a) have                               c) had had
b) was having                    d) had
13. By the time we got to the cinema the film ... .
a) will begin                      c) had begun
b) would begin                   d) began
14. Is there anything I ... do to help you?
a) can                                 c) am to
b) may                                d) as to
15. The last film I saw was ... frightening than this one.
a) little                               c) least
b) less                                 d) the least
16. Someone is calling you. Will you answer ... phone?
a) a                                     c) -
b) the                                  d) these
17.  To tell the truth I dont like ... pair of trousers that I bought last month.
a) those                              c) that
b) this                                 d) a
18. Whose house is it? - Its ... .
a) my                                  c) her
b) mine                               d) our
19.  Today is ... cold than yesterday. So, Im wearing my
a) little                               c) least
b) less                                 d) the least
20. "Come home ... Christmas Day, well be waiting for you", my mother always says to me.
a)in                                    c) -
b) on                                   d) at
Test 3
1. Excuse me, do you speak English? I ... for a hotel.
a) look                                c) was looking
b) am looking                    d) have been looking
2.  Last summer we wanted a relaxing holiday, so we ... to stay on a small island.
a) choose                            c) had chosen
b) have chosen                   d) chose
3. Mathematics ... hard. I dont understand it.
a) are                                  c) was
b) is                                    d) were
4. While we ... for the train, it started to rain.
a) waited                            c) was waiting
b) are waiting                    d) were waiting
5. The police officer said that every house in that street ... already by the police.
a) search                            c) had been searched
b) were searched               d) searched
6. There is going to be a big art exhibition. It... a lot of visitors.
a) attracts                          c) has attracted
b) will attract                    d) attracted
7. The result of his investigation ... in the newspaper soon.
a) publish                          c) will be published
b) be published                  d) is published
8.  When they arrived home, their children ... outside the door waiting for them.
a) sit                                   c) was sitting
b) are sitting                     d) were sitting
9. We ... a new computer not long ago. Now the job will be done much more quickly.
a) had bought                    c) bought
b) was bought                    d) have bought
10. He was sorry that he ... to me for so long.
a) didnt write                   c) hadnt been writing
b) havent been writing   d) hasnt been writing
11. The ring you found ... be returned to an old lady who had lost it.
a) can                                 c) have to
b) must                               d) are to
12. Everybody in our team played ... except the captain.
a) bad                                 c) worst
b) badly                              d) the worst
13. You know much, but you know ... than your teacher.
a) little                               c) least
b) less                                 d) much
14. Small shops are not as ... as supermarkets.
a) more convenient           c) most convenient
b) convenient                     d) the most convenient
15. Sarah is a very good pianist. She plays ... piano very well.
a) a                                     c) the
b)an                                   d)-
16. We had five phone calls, but there were ... for you.
a) no                                   c) either
b) none                               d) neither
17. I didnt have much time, but I ... visit a lot of places of interest in London.
a) can                                 c) must
b) was able to                    d) had to
18. Thats an easy question! ... knows the answer!
a) All                                  c) Each
b) Everybody                     d) Every
19. The comic told silly jokes, but nobody laughed ... him.
a) on                                   c) at
b) under                             d)about
20. We feel sorry ... Sam because he hasnt got any friends.
a) for                                  c) with
b)about                              d) by
Test 4
1. If I ... some fish, will you cook it for me?
a) will catch                       c) caught
b) catch                              d) am catching
2.  She said that she ... her present flat. She tried to find
another one.
a) doesnt like                   c) didnt like
b) wont like                      d) likes
3.1 saw you yesterday from the bus. Where ... you ... at that
a) was hurrying                c) had hurried
b) were hurrying               d) did hurry
4.1 found that everything I said on the phone ... to the police.
a) report                            c) was reported
b) is reported                     d) had been reported
5. When I speak Italian, all the others in the class ... at me as I dont know the language well.
a) laughed                          c) will laugh
b) was laughing                d) laugh
6.  He ... in the Army for eighteen months. This is his last month.
a) serves                            c) has been serving
b) is serving                      d) have served
7. Dont make noise: the children ... to sleep.
a) try                                  c) will try
b) is trying                        d) are trying
8. A new museum ... in the city. What a beautiful building it will be!
a) was being built             c) is built
b) is being built                 d) builds
9.  Two terrorists ... in New York some days ago.
a) are arrested                   c) were arrested
b) have been arrested       d) will be arrested
10.1 ... understand this letter. Will you translate it for me?
a) mustnt                         c) may not
b) cant                               d) shouldnt
11.  Dianas parents dont let her go to late-night disco. She ... be at home at 9 oclock in the evening.
a) must                              c) may
b) can                                 d) have to
12. Henry ... apologize for his bad behaviour yesterday.
a) have to                           c) had to
b) may                                d) is to
13.  The children studied hard, and as a result they passed the exams ... of all.
a) good                               c) best
b) better                             d) the best
14. This is ... film Ive ever seen.
a) more interesting           c) most interesting
b) the most interesting    d) not interesting
15.  ... old, ... sick, ... unemployed need our special care.
a) -                                     c) the
b) an                                   d)everybody
16. Someone who saw ... robbery called the-police.
a) -                                     c)the
b) a                                     d)those
17. According to this song ... we need is love.
a) all                                   c) each
b) every                              d) some
18. We wished the bride and groom happiness in ... new life together.
a) there                              c) theirs
b) their                               d) these
19. Excuse me, but does this umbrella belong ... you?
a) to                                    c) at
b) for                                  d) with
20.  I listened to the radio every day to know the weather forecast but I can never rely ... it.
a) at                                    c) in
b) to                                    d) on
Test 5
1.1 knew that I ... her somewhere before.
a) saw                                 c) would see
b) had seen                         d) has seen
2. When I finally found the house, I knocked at the door but ... the answer.
a) dont hear                     c) didnt hear
b) hasnt heard                  d) heard
3.  I went out into the garden to fetch my bike, but found that someone ... it.
a) stole it                           c) has stolen
b) would steal                    d) had stolen
4. When I... for the keys, I remembered that I had left them at home.
a) looked                            c) had been looking
b) was looking                   d) look
5.1 have been working for the bank for a year already, but I ... to change my job.
a) decided                          c) has decided
b) have decided                 d) decide
6. They spoke so quickly that I ... what they were speaking about.
a) not understand             c) didnt understand
b) dont understand         d) hadnt understood
7. Yesterday our flight ... because of the fog.
a) cancelled                       c) had been cancelled
b) was cancelled                d) has been cancelled
8.1 couldnt open the office door because someone ... it.
a) lock                                c) had locked
b)locked                            d)would lock
9. As soon as you ... me, I will contact you.
a) calls                               c) called
b) will call                          d) call
10.1 ... him since he started working here.
a) have never trusted       c) trusted
b) had never trusted         d) trust
11. Mary will be ready soon. She ... coffee at the moment.
a) has                                 c) was having
b) have                               d) is having
12. If we ... late for the class, our teacher will be angry with us.
a) is                                    c) will be
b) were                               d) are
13. We ... in the sunshine for about half an hour when I suddenly felt sick.
a) have been sitting          c) sat
b) were sitting                   d) had been sitting
14. We were disappointed as the film was ... than we expected.
a) entertaining                  c) most entertaining
b) less entertaining          d) entertaining
15. We usually ask our teacher to explain ... difficult problems to us.
a) the                                  c) a
b) -                                     d) this
16. Playing ... guitar is an interesting hobby.
a) -                                     c) the
b) a                                     d) mine
17. Our city is famous for ... beautiful ancient buildings.
a) its                                   c) its
b) it                                    d) his
18. Her hair is long and fair. Everybody admires ... .
a) them                              c) they
b) it                                    d) its
19. You are very good ... dealing with people.
a) in                                    c) on
b) at                                    d) about
20. Last summer our neighbours decided to drive to Scotland ... a short holiday.
a) at                                    c) on
b) to                                    d) for
Test 6
1. When the light ... I was sitting in the armchair reading a book.
a) goes out                         c) go out
b) had gone out                 d) went out
2. I thought I ... this film before, but I hadnt.
a) saw                                 c) had seen
b) seen                                d) have seen
3. Why havent you brought me the letters for signature? ... them yet?
a) Dont you type              c) Havent you typed
b) Didnt you type            d) Will you type
4. She wasnt sure whether she ... the door of her flat.
a) locked                            c) had locked
b) has locked                      d) didnt lock
5.1... my homework all morning and havent finished it yet.
a) am doing                       c) have been doing
b) do                                   d) did
6. The inspector suspected that the thief ... a special key for opening this door.
a) uses                                c) had used
b) has used                         d) will use
7. I was very tired. When I ... to bed, I fell asleep immediately.
a) got                                  c) had got
b) has got                           d) will get
8. The Vikings ... to North America a thousand years ago.
a) sail                                 c) had sailed
b) sailed                             d) have sailed
9. Thank you for your offer, but I ... not to accept it.
a) decide                            c) have decided
b) has decided                    d) decided
10. You ... through your old photograph album for half an hour already.
a) look                                c) have looked
b) are looking                    d) have been looking
11. Nobody knows where his picture is. Perhaps, it ... .
a) was stolen                      c) has been stolen
b) will be stolen                 d) stolen
12.  I agree. You ... apologize for not inviting him to your birthday party.
a) cant                              c) shouldnt
b) mustnt                         d) may not
13. Actually, today I feel ... than I did yesterday.
a) bad                                 c) worst
b) worse                             d) the worst
14.  ... people who are unemployed often feel depressed.
a) The                                 с) А
b) -                                     d) That
15. Who was the first astronaut who landed on ... Moon?
a) the                                 с) а
b) -                                     d) those
16. What happened at the end of the film? - Im sorry to say, but I havent seen ... film.
a) a                                     c) -
b) the                                  d) those
17. This is ... interesting exhibition Ive ever visited.
a) more                              c) less
b) most                               d) the most
18. Would you mind waiting ... minutes?
a) few                                 c) little
b) a few                              d) a little
19. Im ... interested in languages than in mathematics,
a) much                              c) little
b) many                              d) less
20. The students often translate English texts ... Russian.
a) to                                    c) into
b)in                                    d) on
Test 7
1. My mother ... strawberries for years but she has never had such a good crop before.
a) grow                              c) has been growing
b) grew                               d) had grown
2. Helen got off the bus and walked into the bank when she realized that she ... her handbag on the bus.
a) left                                 c) has left
b) had left                          d) leaves
3. You are a great cook! This cake ... wonderful as usual.
a) taste                               c) will taste
b) tasted                             d) tastes
4. I cut my finger when I ... the potatoes.
a) am peeling                     c) was peeling
b) have peeled                   d) will peel
5. The students ... not to be late for their classes.
a) ask                                 c) are asked
b) asked                              d) are asking
6. Yesterday, while Jane ... she broke two cups.
a) wash up                         c) was washing up
b) washes up                      d) has washed up
7. Be attentive and more serious. You always ... something!
a) lose                                 c) have lost
b) are losing                      d) have been loosing
8. What ... you ... when I phoned you last night?
a) did do                             c) had done
b) were doing                     d) had been doing

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