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тесты по английскому языку ЕГЭ ЕНТ
1) Укажите правильно составленное предложение в Past Continuous:
a)   It was snowing all day long yesterday.
b)   The snow was all the day long yesterday.
c) It was snowed all the day long yesterday.
d) It snowing all day long yesterday.
e) The snow went all day long yesterday.
2) Вставьте глагол в Present Simple: You must … a letter.
a) write
b) wrote
c) writing
d) written
e) to write
3) Вставьте правильные формы притяжательных местоимений: How are … children? – Fine, thanks. How are … ?
a) your / yours.
b) Yours / yours
c) Your / your
d) Yours / your
e) Yours / my
4) Укажите перевод предложения: Кто помогает тебе тренироваться?
a) Who helps you to train?
b) Who is help you to train?
c) Who does help you to train?
d) Who helped you to train?
e) Who help you to train?
5) Укажите перевод предложения: They make sports cars in this factory.
a) Sports cars are made in this factory.
b) Sports cars were made in this factory.
c) They used to make sports cars in this factory.
d) Sports cars made in this factory.
e) They made sports cars in this factory.
6) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: We arrived … England last week.
a) in
b) into
c) on
d) for
e) to
7) Укажите правильно написанное слово:
a) language
b) lenguage
c) langige
d) languige
e) lenguige
8) Выберите правильную форму глагола “to be”: Those … my presents.
a) are
b) be
c) am
d) is
e) was
9) Вставьте нужную форму глагола to be: The children … going to play football when it began to rain.
a) were
b) was
c) are
d) is
e) to be
10) Выберите правильное числительное: My watch is … minutes fast.
a) ten
b) the tenth
c) a third
d) fifth
e) the ninth
11) Вставьте пропущенное слово: Australia is a(n) …. .
a) island continent
b) district
c) town
d) peninsula
e) city
12) Форма множественного числа отличается от остальных слове:
a) fish
b) animal
c) eye
d) body
e) horse
13) Выберите правильный вариант: This child … for his classes.
a) is often late
b) often late is
c) is late often
d) late often is
e) often is late
14) Выразите одним словом: A stopping place for trains is a … .
a) station
b) stop
c) city
d) village
e) field
15) Задайте альтернативный вопрос к предложению: The girl has won the game.
a) Has the girl or the boy won the game?
b) The girl has won the game, hasn’t she?
c) Why has she won the game?
d) Has the girl won the game?
e) Who has won the game?
16) Дополните предложение глаголом в Past Continuous: The hockey players … the goal when I turned on the TV set.
a) were attacking
b) is attacking
c) was attacking
d) are attacking
e) be attacking
17) Выберите слово, противоположное по значению “expensive”:
a) cheap
b) powerful
c) interesting
d) cheerful
e) clever
18) Выберите правильный вариант отрицательного предложения: It is dangerous. …
a) Don’t go there.
b) Doesn’t go there.
c) Go don’t there.
d) Go not there.
e) Not go there.
19) Выберите предложение с герундием:
a) Skiing is my favourite sport.
b) Can you ski?
c) Does he like to ski?
d) He can ski very well.
e) The boys are skiing now.
20) Выберите верное местоимение: I have a cat. We call … Murka.
a) her
b) its
c) hers
d) she
e) his
21) Найдите антоним слова “comedy”:
a) drama
b) musical
c) play
d) theatre
e) show
22) Найдите наречие:
a) often
b) thirty
c) possible
d) travel
e) pack
23) Выберите правильный ответ: What is the national symbol of Canada?
a) The maple leaf.
b) The black rose.
c) The red rose.
d) The magnolia tree.
e) The bald eagle.
24) Дополните предложение: … is your father’s profession?
a) What
b) How
c) When
d) Where
e) Who
25) Выберите неисчисляемое существительное:
a) weather
b) river
c) book
d) bus
e) chair
26) Прочитайте числительное: $ 1.00
a) One dollar
b) A dollar and no cents
c) One dollar zero cents
d) One dollars
e) One dollars and zero cent
27) Найдите синоним к слову “to carry”:
a) to bring
b) to take
c) to wear
d) to connect
e) to put on
28) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: Let’s meet … 6 o’clock.
a) at
b) in
c) to
d) on
e) for
29) Дополните предложение нужной формой глагола to be: Her sister … fond of horse-riding.
a) is
b) am
c) are
d) to be
e) be
30) Выберите правильный вариант: In our garden … five apple-trees and a cherry-tree.
a) there are
b) they are
c) there is
d) is
e) it is
31) Закончите разделительный вопрос: My friends are never late, …?
a) are they
b) aren’t my friends
c) are my friends
d) aren’t they
e) don’t they
32) Выберите подходящий английский эквивалент: Как ты собираешься провести свой выходной?
a) How are you going to spend your weekend?
b) How are you getting on?
c) What do you do at the weekends?
d) Where did you go last weekend?
e) Where will you go for a weekend?

тесты по английскому языку ЕГЭ ЕНТ

33) Вставьте глагол в Past Continuous: She … at 10 o’clock yesterday.
a) was working
b) works
c) is working
d) were working
e) work
34) Выберите правильный модальный глагол: The children … live alone. They are too young to look after themselves.
a) must not
b) had to be
c) shouldn’t be
d) needn’t
e) wasn’t able to
35) Выберите антоним слова “begin”:
a) finish
b) burn
c) build
d) start
e) close
36) Выберите правильный вариант глагола: If I … the exam, I shall take it again.
a) fail
b) will fail
c) fails
d) was failing
e) am failing
37) Выберите слово, близкое по значению “begin”:
a) start
b) burn
c) finish
d) build
e) end
38) Выберите правильный вариант глагола “to be”: He told me that he … a student.
a) was
b) am
c) is
d) were
e) are
39) Вставьте глагол в Present Simple: They … television every night.
a) watch
b) is watching
c) watches
d) is watched
e) has watched
40) Синоним слова “power”:
a) energy
b) quality
c) beauty
d) taste
e) smell
41) Дайте перевод слова «огонь»:
a) fire
b) car
c) tulip
d) burn
e) dress
42) Выберите правильный глагол: What subject … she good at?
a) is
b) does
c) have
d) do
e) are
43) Образуйте прилагательное от слова “beauty” при помощи суффикса:
a) ful
b) im
c) al
d) in
e) un
44) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: We met her … the shop.
a) in
b) with
c) for
d) by
e) under
45) Выберите правильный модальный глагол: I … speak English fluently.
a) can
b) must
c) may
d) need
e) should
46) Выберите правильную форму глагола: There … a book on the table.
a) is
b) am
c) weren’t
d) are
e) were
47) Синонимом слова “Fast”является:
a) quick
b) fear
c) far
d) near
e) wise
48) Дополните предложение: Take … book from … table!
a) the ׀ the
b) - ׀ -
c) a ׀ the
d) a ׀ a
e) the׀ a
49) Сочетание “ir” читается отлично от других в слове:
a) fire
b) first
c) shirt
d) girl
e) birth
50) “Wet” является антонимом слова:
a) dry
b) fast
c) near
d) light
e) old
51) Найдите правильный вариант сказуемого в Present Continuous: My friend and I … our own business.
a) are going to start
b) am going to start
c) is going to start
d) would be going to start
e) were going to start
52) Выберите слово с III типом слога:
a) barn
b) close
c) same
d) rose
e) base
53) Выберите правильный вариант сказуемого: Jane … the piano very well.
a) plays
b) have played
c) are playing
d) playing
e) play
54) Выберите притяжательную форму существительного в единственном числе:
a) aunt’s
b) dogs’
c) neighbours’
d) planes’
e) plants’
55) Образуйте сравнительную степень от прилагательного “old”:
a) older
b) the older
c) the oldest
d) more old
e) oldest
56) Выберите правильный ответ: 100-46=?
a) fifty-four
b) sixty
c) fifty-five
d) forty-four
e) forty-five
57) Найдите глагол:
a) to find
b) coldly
c) stony
d) darkness
e) thirteen
58) Задайте специальный вопрос к предложению: She was at the party last week.
a) Where was she last week?
b) She was at the party last week, wasn’t she?
c) Wasn’t she at the party last week?
d) Was she at the party or at the cinema last week?
e) Was she at the party last week?
59) Найдите прилагательное, имеющее отрицательное значение:
a) unlimited
b) understandable
c) regular
d) useful
e) dependent
60) Соедините две части предложения: We know a lot of people … live in London.
a) who
b) when
c) what
d) that’s
e) where
61) Выберите указательное местоимение для предложения: Do you want to read this book or … one?
a) that
b) the
c) an
d) these
e) those
62) Найдите правильный вариант сказуемого в  Past Simple: We … football after school yesterday.
a) played
b) play
c) will play
d) plays
e) would play
63) Всех членов семьи обозначает слово:
a) The Browns
b) Browns
c) The parents
d) The Brown
e) The parent
64) Поставьте предложение в отрицательную форму: I will answer all the questions.
a) I will not answer all the questions.
b) I shall answering all the questions.
c) I not shall answer all the questions.
d) I will no answer all the questions.
e) I will answered all the questions.
65) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: Agatha Christie is famous … her detective stories.
a) for
b) in
c) at
d) to
e) on
66) Выберите правильно написанное слово “внимание”:
a) attention
b) atunsion
c) attantion
d) atencian
e) ettenshion
67) Выберите притяжательную форму существительного в единственном числе:
a) wife’s
b) wifes’
c) wives’
d) wifes’s
e) wives’s
68) Выберите правильный модальный глагол: You … arrive at the exam on time. The students are invited into the classroom all at the same time.
a) must
b) don’t have to
c) can’t
d) couldn’t
e) may
69) Поставьте предложение в отрицательную форму: Translate the text!
a) Don’t translate the text.
b) Translate no the text.
c) Do translate the text.
d) Not translate the text.
e) No translate the text.
70) Выберите правильный вариант множественного числа существительного: These … have a lot of … .
a) women | geese
b) womans | geese
c) woman | goose
d) womans | gooses
e) women | goose
71) Выберите антоним слова “to hate”:
a) love
b) wonder
c) settle
d) reach
e) report
72) Дополните предложение: … sky is blue, … sun is shining brightly.
a) the | the
b) a | the
c) the | a
d) - | -
e) a | a
73) Дополните предложение глаголом в Past Continuous: He … to leave the room, when his father came.
a) was going
b) is going
c) were going
d) be going
e) to be going
74) Выберите указательное местоимение для предложения: Do you want to take this bicycle or … one?
a) that
b) an
c) these
d) the
e) those
75) Синонимом слова “reply” является:
a) answer
b) correct
c) lecture
d) dictate
e) help
76) Выберите слово с суффиксом, обозначающим действующее лицо:
a) writer
b) writness
c) writing
d) written
e) writability
77) Выберите форму глагола “to be” в Present Simple: The telephone box … not far from our house.
a) is
b) am
c) been
d) are
e) be
78) Выберите правильный вариант чтения года “1997”:
a) nineteen ninety-seven
b) nineteen and ninety-seven
c) one hundreds nine hundreds ninety seven
d) one thousands and nine hundred and ninety-seven
e) one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven
79) Выберите правильный вариант чтения даты “первое января”:
a) The first of January
b) The oneth of January
c) The first and January
d) The first January
e) The one of January
80) Вставьте правильную форму глагола to be: There … three lamps in the room.
a) are
b) is
c) am
d) be
e) was
81) Выберите форму множественного числа существительного “wolf”:
a) wolves
b) wolvs
c) wolfes
d) wolfs
e) wolfis
82) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: I haven’t seen my friend … a long time.
a)  for
b) since
c) from
d) over
e) at
83) Выберите правильный вариант чтения порядкового числительного: “the 63rd”.
a) the sixty-third
b) the sixtieth third
c) the sixty three
d) the sixty threeth
e) the sixty and third
84) Выберите правильный вариант перевода слова “неопределенный”:
a) indefinite
b) redefinite
c) imdefinite
d) undefinite
e) definite
85) Дополните предложение: … football league championship is won by … team that is of the first division.
a) the | the
b) - | -
c) a | the
d) a | a
e) the | a
86) Выберите притяжательную форму существительного в единственном числе:
a) sister’s
b) dogs’
c) planes’
d) neighbors’
e) lands’
87) Образуйте превосходную степень от прилагательного “big”:
a) the biggest
b) the bigger
c) bigger
d) most big
e) more big
88) Найдите существительное:
a) sun
b) coldly
c) find
d) stony
e) thirteen
89) Задайте специальный вопрос к предложению: She was at the swimming pool last week.
a) Where was she last week?
b) Wasn’t she at the swimming pool last week?
c) Was she at the swimming pool or at the stadium last week?
d) Was she at the swimming pool last week?
e) She was at the swimming pool last week, wasn’t she?
90) Дайте антоним слова “white”:
a) black
b) yellow
c) red
d) blue
e) brown
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